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Olathe Moving specializes in moves of all kinds –  residential moving, commercial moving, corporate relocation and more. Our team is ready to bring our experience and professional moving training to help do the heavy lifting for your upcoming moving project.

Common Types & Location of Moves We Handle

Moves come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own challenges and unique nuances that require a specialized plan. Below are some of the most common types and locations we help with. Our ability to help with any type of move is just one reason why we’re consistently one of the best moving companies in Olathe.

Residential Moving

  • Single Family Home
  • Large Family Home
  • Apartment / Apartment Complex
  • Duplex
  • Mobile Home
  • Condo
  • Townhouse

Commercial Moving

  • SMBs (Small and Medium Sized Businesses)
  • Large Corporate Relocation
  • Startups
  • Individual Business Space
  • Shared Coworking Space
  • Home Offices
  • Industrial & Warehouse

Other Moving Types

  • Senior Retirement Communities
  • Senior Assisted Living Facilities
  • Schools
  • Government & Community
  • Student Living Moving
  • Storage Units & Storage Pods

Residential Moving

We handle local, residential moving and home moving of all types, set-ups, and sizes. From pre-moving organizing and packing to post-move unpacking and furniture set-up, we can handle it all.  We work with you to personalize a moving plan that is customized for you and your move.

Commercial Moving 

Not only can our Olathe Moving team help move your businesses’ employees when they move into a new home, but we can also help relocate your office space when the time comes! Whether you are downsizing or upsizing your office space, our team makes the commercial moving process streamlined for maximum efficiency, handling the packing, transportation and unpacking of office furniture, supplies and more. 

Corporate Relocation

Relocating a large corporate office or headquarters is a tremendous process with many factors and moving pieces. Olathe Moving can assist at every step of the way, including scouting your current and future corporate space, evaluating inventory and spacial needs, and more. We put together a custom moving plan that is unique to the needs of your move, and can offer phased moving stages that conform to your timeline. 

Packing Services

Full Packing Services

We can help pack your house from top to bottom, taking care of every item, big and small. We will work with you to prioritize specific rooms and items, as well as take note of special possessions that require special packing care or instruction. 

Partial Packing Services

You pack what you can or want, and leave the rest to us. We can handle the heavier or more burdensome items, letting you spend your energy on the items best handled by you.

Truck Loading & Truck Unloading

 We can assist with any loading and unloading needs, even if it’s not using an Olathe Moving truck. Let our team handle lifting and loading/unloading the large, heavy or awkward items, or just utilize a few extra sets of experienced hands to make the job go quicker. A few of the most common loading and unloading  jobs use a:

  • Personal Vehicle
  • Rental Truck
  • Storage Unit
  • Storage Container
  • Storage Pod
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Long Distance Moves (In State – KS & MO)

Moving outside of Olathe, Johnson County or the greater Kansas City area? Depending on the conditions and the distance, Olathe Moving can either help complete that move ourselves, or work to partner with one of the many reputable moving service partners we have established across the sate and region.

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Pack Outs for Renovation

Reduce the completion time or cost by packing up and removing items from your home during a home renovation, remodeling or construction project. Not only does this help make the project go smoother, but removing valuable and large items from the space being worked on will help avoid damage to those items during construction.

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Professional Organizing

You never realize just how much stuff you have until you start planning a move, or start attempting to organize your possessions. Our experienced team of Olathe organizers can work right along side you in processing your items, room by room, to sort, organize, place or dispose of anything that would be helpful. We work with individuals, families and organizations to help downsize and rightsize their possessions to fit their current or new space.

Other Moving Services

There are very few moving services or projects we have not yet encountered. A few of the other most common moving service type or item type we handle are:

  • Piano Movers

  • Furniture Movers

  • Furniture Assembly

  • Safe Moving

  • Hot Tub Moving

  • Playhouses, Trampolines and Swing Sets

  • Junk Removal

  • Storage

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